Get the Real Home Cinema Experience with a Soundbar

It seems that every year, television’s get more advanced and less bulky. While thinner televisions might fit better in your living room , it’s not such good news for the flimsy built-in speakers that come with your new TV. They tend to be rather weak and tinny, undermining the awe-inspiring visuals of your television, with lacklustre audio.

Fortunately, the answer is at hand!

Soundbars, designed to fit in with your television’s sleek aesthetic, provide a perfect way to beef up the audio component of your entertainment experience.

Here at Booth Scotland we offer a fantastic variety of soundbars from only the very best brands such as Samsung and LG. We’ve also got an experienced team of electricians and engineers to help install your soundbar and bring your tv’s audio to life.

Lets take a quick look at some of the best soundbars on the market today.

The Samsung HW_Q800AXU

An attractive and well-made design combined with powerful audio performance make this soundbar a cost-effective way to bring the action on your screen to life. The HW-Q8000AXU comes from the experts over at Samsung and, with its streamlined and unobtrusive form-factor, it can blend into any living room, bedroom or gaming den with ease. It features two unique sound settings, standard and surround. While standard mode is best suited to music and tv programs, surround mode is designed for movies, games and those all-important edge-of-your-seat moments, helping to bring the drama on the screen straight into your living room.

What makes this soundbar even more useful is the Bluetooth technology that it comes pre-built with, meaning you can stream songs from your phone or tablet directly onto it, perfect for parties or relaxed evenings.

With this simple, yet highly effective soundbar you can upgrade your viewing experience and immerse yourself in a whole new realm of sound.


Not satisfied with the technological leaps in audio reproduction so far? The folks over at Sony have gone one step further with this model. The biggest and most notable improvement is that this soundbar can simulate sound in height as well as width, bringing a staggering new dimension to your home cinema experience with Dolby Atmos.

As if the soundscape produced by this soundbar weren’t expansive enough with this technological leap, the HTZF9 also comes with a seriously potent subwoofer that can bring those bass-heavy, low-end vibrations to life and add another layer of depth to an already immersive sound experience.

The HTZF9 supports most video formats, meaning if you choose to crank your display up to razor-sharp, 4k resolution, the HTZF9 is right there with you, bringing the highs and lows of your home cinema experience to life with breath-taking sonic depth.

It makes a powerful addition to any home cinema set up, bringing you closer to the screen than ever before with its incredible three-dimensional sound.


The LG SL5YDGBRLLK represents the apex of sound engineering and home cinema sound creation. The soundbar itself can easily create an impressing wall of sound, capturing all the intricacies of a busy car chase or explosive fire-fight with crystal clear precision.

On top of that it comes equipped with 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos, which uses Acoustic Phase Matching to alter the timing of the audio from each speaker in the bar, creating the impression of full surround sound, without the hassle of a multi-speaker, room-wide set up. This means you can enjoy all the mind-blowing soundscapes of a blockbuster movie the way it was meant to be heard in the cinema.

As if this wasn’t enough to bring the action on screen to wall-shaking life, this model comes with a phenomenal 200W front-firing subwoofer, which is expertly balanced to bring those all-important low-end tones to the front, without overshadowing the dialogue sitting in the mid-range.

As you would expect from an LG product, the soundbar not only performs without flaw, but is extremely straight-forward to use, and can even connect to Chromecast as well as be controlled by your own voice via google assistant, making this soundbar the absolute pinnacle of home cinema sound quality

To Sum Up

While any one of these soundbars will move your viewing experience up a gear and provide you with the sound quality you need to get closer to the action, no soundbar can do its job properly without the right configuration.

Luckily, at Booth Scotland we do all the complex setting up for you ensuring that, no matter what room your soundbar is going into, it will function exactly as it should. Because every room is different, every soundbar needs to be precisely calibrated, and our engineers are experts at getting the very best sound from your setup.

Whether it’s a living room with high ceilings or a cosy bedroom, we can install your soundbar and deliver a fully immersive home cinema experience. So, why not get in touch with our expert team today, by giving us a call on 01467 620570 or emailing us on