Home Cinema Soundbase available in black or white.

Make everything on your TV sound awesome with the Sonos Playbase. Whatever you are watching gets an exceptional audio treatment through this mighty 10-speaker unit. And it can stream music direct from the internet when the TV’s off. Built to sit neatly underneath the TV, it can support a TV with its own stand of up to 35kg. Slip it into your existing Sonos set up, or add additional Sonos speakers to pump the sound throughout the home. Whether films, games, programmes or your favourite tunes, the Playbase will ensure it all sounds simply stunning.

Sonos sound
Ten individual speakers, including three tweeters and one woofer, give the sound of your TV an awesome makeover with amazingly rich detail. High octane action sequences are powerfully realistic and pulse-pounding, orchestral performances and delicate whispers are crystal clear.

More to listen to
Ready to drop into your existing Sonos wireless music setup. Get wireless, Hi-Fi sound in every room by streaming your iTunes library, your favourite music services like Spotify* and Napster, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows from across the globe.

Easy setup
Set up is as hassle-free as you’d expect from Sonos. It connects to your TV using a single optical cable (included), and interacts with other Sonos gear too. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a router to get started.

Advanced Wi-Fi
Built-in dual band wireless N Wi-Fi cuts down on passive interference and delivers a high bandwidth connection that can handle even lossless audio effortlessly.

App control
Take full control of your media with the SONOS Controller app. Available to download for free, it gives you the freedom to adjust volume, switch settings and more.

The Playbase is engineered for optimal sound delivery when placed under a TV. Its minimal design means it elegantly fades into the background, while filling the whole room with exceptional audio. Speech Enhancement mode ensures all dialogue is crystal clear, while the Night Sound setting means no-one else in the house gets disturbed. Using the TRUEPLAY feature in the Sonos App, you can custom tune this speaker for finely-balanced sound enrichments based on speaker positioning, even when it’s incorporated in a full Sonos home cinema setup.

Amazing as a standalone sound base, you can enhance the experience even more by adding additional Sonos speakers. Do that and you can hear whatever is playing on your TV throughout the home, or set up cinema-like surround sound in the living room.

*A Spotify premium account is required to use Spotify on Sonos.