Top 3 Smart TVs to Buy in 2021

In recent years, the popularity of smart TVs has skyrocketed with them becoming a staple of the modern home. Many brands have now entered the market and there is a vast selection of smart TVs available with each offering its own special features and capabilities. 

With all these new features and options for consumers, it can be difficult to choose which TV to buy as it is easy to become overwhelmed with so much information. That’s why we put together this list of the top 3 TVs that you should consider buying in 2021. We have also included details about what makes each model unique and beneficial so that you can make an informed decision. 

What is a Smart TV?  

Essentially, a smart TV is a television set that is integrated with the internet usually via a home’s Wi-Fi and can download apps. Smart TVs act in a similar way to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet in that they allow you to stream music, TV shows and movies, surf the web, and scroll social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

A smart TV’s ability to connect to the internet is what really separates it from a traditional TV otherwise known as a non-smart TV. Like with traditional television, you can still watch terrestrial or satellite television channels if you have the appropriate aerial or satellite dish installed. 

In addition to traditional TV channels, you can download apps for paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus as well as free video platforms like YouTube. Likewise, on-demand services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub can be downloaded and accessed for free so long as you paid your annual TV license fee. If you wish to play music through your smart TV, you can install music streaming apps like Spotify or YouTube Music. 

Some smart TVs can even connect to your other smart devices such as your phone or tablet, which gives you the ability to view content like videos or photographs on a larger screen. For example, this could be used to show your vacation pictures to family members once you return from a holiday instead of them individually viewing the pictures on a small phone screen. 

3 of Our Top Smart TVs 

1) Samsung 186QE43LS03AAUXXU The Frame 4K QLED Smart TV with Art Mode  

The Samsung the Frame TV is an extremely stylised and aesthetics-led smart television that can blend seamlessly into any home décor. It is designed, as the name suggests, to look like a picture frame so when it is not in use it can display beautiful works of art so that it looks as though a real painting is hung on the wall. The stunning and innovative design of this TV makes it an excellent choice for any interior design or art lover, and is available in 43”, 55”, 65” or 75”.  

Samsung 18QE43LS03AAUXXU The Frame 4K QLED Smart TV with Art Mode

Art Mode 

Instead of having a black screen when your television is not being watched, art mode allows you to display beautiful artwork while your TV is idle. You can select your own personal photographs to showcase family portraits or scenic shots of your favourite places. Numerous photos can be chosen as part of a collection which can then automatically alternate at regular time periods, or you can just display a single photo depending on your preference. 


Additionally, you can sign up for a monthly paid subscription for the Samsung Art Store which provides you with access to over 1,400 pieces of artwork from famous art institutions and galleries including but not limited to the V&A, the Tate Modern Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum. With so much choice available you will never get bored and can customise the display to fit your mood or home aesthetic. 


Aesthetically Appealing Design 

The Frame is very thoughtfully designed to be as visually appealing as possible not only with its art mode display but also the hardware design. It has been built to be very slim and to have no gap when it is mounted to a wall meaning, meaning it does not stick out like some other TVs. Moreover, it only needs one “near-invisible” wire running from it in order to operate so you don’t have to worry about unsightly wires. 


There is a range of bezels available to customise your TV to make it look like a genuine framed photo hung on the wall. These bezels are sold separately and come in a variety of colours. They are easy to fit or change as they use magnetics to simply attach to the edges of the TV. 


4K QLED Technology 

Advanced 4K and QLED technology ensure you are getting the highest quality viewing experience. QLED allows the colours that are shown on screen to be as accurate and true-to-life as possible by using over a billion different colours to give you that cinematic experience in your own home. The powerful Quantum 4K Processor provides ultra-high high definition and cleverly using AI to enhance the picture quality of all TV shows and movies even if they were not filmed in high quality or filmed a long time ago. 


Voice Control 

The Frame is compatible with various voice assistants including Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. You can choose your preferred option and use voice commands to easily navigate your smart TV hassle-free.  


2) Sony KD32W800PU 32″ HD Ready HDR Android TV with Voice Search 


The Sony KD32W800PU smart TV is the perfect smart TV if you do not have a lot of spare room and are looking for a smart TV that is on the smaller side. At 32” it is ideal for fitting into smaller living rooms or places where there is limited wall space. Alternatively, it is a great size for bedrooms and kitchens where you may not what the television to be the main focus and wish to opt for a more discreet option. 

Sony KD32W800PU 32" HD Ready HDR Android TV with Voice Search

High-Quality Visual Display 

Despite its smaller size it still packs a punch with its innovative technology and features. The Sony KD32W800PU uses advanced HDR technology to display enhanced video content that is crystal clear and detailed. While Sony’s Live Colour technology ensures images are vivid and vibrant while using a vast depth of natural colours. 


Google Assist Voice Control  

The built-in Google Assist voice control feature allows the user to easily switch between their favourite TV shows and movies without having to manual type in the titles they want to watch. Simply say the voice commands aloud and the Google Assist will help you find what you are looking for. Voice control makes it easier, quicker, and more convenient to navigate your smart TV without even necessarily touching a button. 


Built-In Chromecast  

Chromecast is built-in to the Sony KD32W800PU meaning you can easily “cast” or stream content directly to your television screen from your other smart devices such as your mobile or tablet. 


3) LG 65NANO756PA 4K Ultra HD HDR NanoCell Smart TV 

The LG 65NANO756PA smart TV is a great all-rounder smart television that has something for everyone as it provides access to a vast amount of content through the entertainment hub. Whether you are an avid gamer or a huge sports fan, the LG 65NANO756PA smart TV has features that are suited to your needs and interests. It delivers your favourite content in stunning colour and clarity and is available in a range of sizes including 50”, 55” and 65”. 

LG 65NANO756PA 4K Ultra HD HDR NanoCell Smart TV

NanoCell Technology  

LG’s NanoCell technology produces enhanced colours and displays images in exceptional detail to contribute to a better visual experience for the viewer. In addition, it upscales picture quality to 4K ultra-HD for crystal clear imagery no matter what you are watching. 

Enhanced Gaming Experience 

The Game Optimizer enhances your gaming experience by adjusting settings for improved picture quality and graphics. And with LG’s partnership with Xbox®, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on your big screen TV with super-fast response times. 

Sports Alerts 

The sports alerts feature can notify you when a match or game is about to begin and can be set for whatever your sporting preference may be whether it is football, rugby, cricket, or any other sport. It can also send you live updates of scores even if you are watching other content to ensure you never miss an important play. 

Voice Control  

The LG 65NANO756PA smart TV is can also be controlled with voice commands and has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in for your convenience.   


A smart TV is a must-have for any modern home, and there is a range of fantastic options available to suit your individual lifestyle and TV viewing needs. At Booth Scotland, we stock a wide variety of top of the range smart TVs including the ones listed above and deliver to anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Inverurie, AB51 4UZ. To find out more about product specifications please visit our superstore website or come into our store based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. 

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