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UHD 4K and HD Distribution

Crystal 4K and HD video distribution to any room of your house.

TV Wall Mounting

We can offer a complete solution to mounting your beautiful sleek TV in the perfect location for pleasurable viewing without ugly wires and sockets in view.

Audio Distribution

Distributed audio to every room in your house; Play your personal playlist in any room, at any time in booming volume or subtle quiet.

Smart Home Control

With the touch of a button turn the whole house off or on, or set the scene in each room to perfectly mimic the mood.

WiFi Solutions

Reliable, high speed, professional networking via wireless access. No more loss of wifi signal.


Protect your property with CCTV. From identifying visitors at your front door to watching all the entrance points installing CCTV is an effective way to boost security.


What was once considered a luxury item, Lighting Control Systems have evolved in to so much more than just scene setting. Including lighting control in to your home now offers convenience, security and energy efficiency.


Effective heating controls are a vital part of an efficient boiler-powered central-heating system. Clever use of controls can help you minimize energy consumption by ensuring each room is at the right temperature for comfort, while avoiding overheating. Which will keep your home cosy and cut your energy bills.