Home Appliances that Simplify Your Life

Most of us would agree that daily household chores are both time consuming and monotonous. In fact, the average Brit spends a jaw-dropping 208 hours a year doing household chores and two-thirds of us believe that that’s just too much time. Imagine you could cut the time that you spend on those menial daily chores and redirect your time to something you enjoy.

How would you spend that time? Watching tv, learning a new skill or simply spending more time with the ones you love perhaps?

Queue Booth Scotland home appliances. With the right home appliances, you can simplify your daily life and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Washing Machines

Take the laundry as an example. We’ve all been there. You go through the effort of collecting all your dirty clothes from around the house, separating out the colours and then loading up the machine.

You add the powder, choose your setting and press ‘Start’.

Only then do you notice that one sneaky sock was dropped in the hallway or left at the bottom of the laundry basket.

Worse, you forget to throw in your best work shirt that you had planned to wear to an important meeting tomorrow.

What now?

The revolutionary Samsung 9kg 1400 Spin Add Wash Washing Machine lets you open your washing machine mid cycle. You don’t need to handwash anything last minute or spend time putting on a second cycle. No longer will you be inconvenienced by the rogue sock or the forgotten shirt.

Simply open it up and add it to your cycle. This washing machine uses ecobubble technology which penetrates your clothes faster than conventional machines allowing you to wash your clothes at lower temperatures, reducing energy usage, without compromising on cleanliness. This is better for both the environment and your bills.

Cordless Vaccum Cleaners

Has your vacuum cord got you tied up in circles?

Sick of dragging that clunky plastic box of dust around your house, hitting it off the walls and door frames as you go along and tugging at it in frustration as the cord gets snagged on the coffee table, again?

What about lugging it up and down the stairs and unplugging and re-plugging it in every room?

What if you could turn an hours’ worth of hoovering into a fifteen-minute job?

It’s time to transition to a cordless vacuum. If you’re in the market for something convenient, modern and efficient Booth Scotland have a wide range of vacuums to service your needs.

One of our more popular models is the Dyson Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with a 60-minute run time from a single charge. It has the power of a full-size vacuum with all the benefits of a cordless cleaner. You can transform this model into a handheld vacuum with a simple click as it comes equipped with attachable tools which make it easy to get those hard to reach places. With this amazing vacuum you can get that built-up pet hair out of the sofa or tackle the layers of dust and dirt in your car.

When was the last time that got done? Forget the extension cable because vacuuming just got way easier.

Fridge Freezers

Add a bit of innovation to your kitchen.

Don’t waste time defrosting the freezer or mopping up spilled milk that’s ran down multiple shelves before forming a puddle on top of your tomatoes.

The Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer, Stainless Steel Effect, A+ Rated is just what you need.

The No Frost function on this 4-star rated freezer prevents ice build-up, so you have more room for groceries and less time spent on de-icing your freezer.

Avoid big spills with a fridge that comes fitted with five spill-proof shelves, four door balconies and two salad bins.

This model even comes with a built-in ice and water dispenser. Crushed or cubed? Don’t worry, it has both. Concerned about energy bills?

Coming with an A+ energy efficiency rating, this Samsung fridge freezer is not only good for your pocket, but for the environment as well. It’s the perfect product to simplify your living and add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.


Booth Scotland have a wide range of home appliances to suit your needs and simplify your living. Life can get a bit complicated, so when it comes to your day to day chores don’t complicate it. Save yourself the time and frustration with innovative home appliances designed to make your life just that little bit easier.